We all want to take care of our kids, and that means making sure they're getting the best natural vitamins. Here's why chewable beats gummy, every time.

Do you want the best natural vitamins for your children? Chewable or gummy, which ones are better for the loves of your life?

With so many products out there boasting to be the best, it can be overwhelming and confusing to know which will really provide the most benefit for your kids.

But, we all want to make sure our kids are getting the best natural vitamins. The reality is that gummy vitamins contain more starches and sugars and less of the essential supplements your child needs. This makes chewable vitamins the best option for your child.

We'll break this down further for you so you won't ever have to second-guess your child's vitamins. Read on to learn why chewable vitamins top gummy vitamins every time.

Should Your Child Take a Natural Vitamin?

If you're a busy parent, it can be challenging to churn out well-rounded meals each night of the week. Maybe you do cook healthy meals every night, but you can't guarantee your kids are getting the essential nutrients when they eat lunch at school or throughout the week. 

A vitamin is a great solution for:

  • Kids who don't eat well-balanced meals with fresh, whole foods on a regular basis
  • Picky kids who won't eat their vegetables or fruits
  • Kids with chronic medical conditions like asthma or digestive problems
  • Kids who eat a lot of processed foods
  • Kids who are on a vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free or another restricted diet
  • Kids who drink a good amount of soda

Essential vitamins to look for

When faced with the onslaught of vitamin products out there, compare labels to make sure the one you choose has the best ingredients for your child. The following are the most important nutrients your child needs:

  • Vitamin A: Vitamin A is good for growth and development, healthy skin, eyes and immune responses. This vitamin is found in some dairy products and yellow and orange vegetables.
  • Vitamin B (B2, B3, B6, B12): This family of vitamins boosts metabolism, gives children energy and promotes a healthy circulatory and nervous system. B vitamins are found in meat, fish, nuts, eggs, milk, cheese, and beans.
  • Vitamin C: This essential vitamin promotes healthy muscles, connective tissue and skin. Vitamin C is found in citrus fruits, strawberries, tomatoes, and broccoli.
  • Vitamin D: This vitamin promotes bone and tooth formation and is also essential in helping the body absorb calcium. Vitamin D is found in milk, salmon, and mackerel. Your child can also get vitamin D from sunlight.
  • Calcium: Calcium is crucial for building strong bones in your children as they grow. Sources of calcium include dairy products like milk, cheese, and yogurt and well as tofu.
  • Iron: Iron is important for growing kids as it builds muscle and creates healthy red blood cells. As your children grow to become teenagers, be aware that iron deficiency is a higher risk in adolescence. As girls begin menstruation, this is especially common. Sources of iron include beef and other red meats, turkey, pork, spinach and beans.

If your child isn't eating the necessary foods to get those nutrients, a vitamin is essential for healthy growth. Natural vitamins are a great way to make sure your kids are getting the essential nutrients, but should you be giving them chewable or gummy vitamins?

Why Choose Chewable Natural Vitamins 

Chewable and gummy vitamins are popular options for kids who don't like swallowing pills. But when you're looking for the best option for your child, chewable vitamins have an advantage over the gummy options. Here are a few benefits of the chewable version:

More nutrients in chewable vitamins

Both gummy and chewable vitamins are great in that they are easy for kids to swallow and digest. What makes chewable stand out is that they often contain more nutrients and higher amounts of those nutrients.

Gummy vitamins don't contain as many nutrients as chewables. Chewable vitamins often contain more nutrients that aren't found in gummy versions. The chewable version can contain more than twice the amount of vitamin content per serving that the gummy version.

Many gummies don't contain iron, an essential nutrient for children. When kids don't get enough iron, their bodies can't make enough hemoglobin and red blood cells. Their organs and tissues cannot get the oxygen they need.

We get iron from foods like meat and dark green leafy vegetables. These sources are hard to get in the mouths of our picky children. This is why it is crucial that your children's vitamin contains iron. 

Ingredients like spinach, green beans, and broccoli make Ather's Nutra Children's Chewable Multi-Vitamins an excellent option. These chewable vitamins contain 3 mg of iron, over 16 percent of your child's daily needs!

Downfalls of gummy vitamins

Since companies try to make gummies taste like candy and be more appealing to kids, it's harder to pack in those vitamins and minerals. In place of those necessary nutrients are harmful ingredients like sugar and food coloring.

Basically, these vitamins are doing the opposite of what you want them to do for your children. 

Sugar is often more prominent in gummy vitamins than the nutrients you're hoping to give your child. Gummy vitamins tend to have about three grams of sugar for two gummies, higher than the content of regular tablets or chewable natural vitamins.

Not only is this extra sugar not doing any good for your kid's immune system, but it's also damaging to their teeth.

These gummies often contain glucose syrup, sucrose, and gelatin, all ingredients that will stick to your child's teeth and demineralize the enamel. But sugar-free gummies aren't doing your children any favors, either. Sugar-free gummies likely contain sugar alcohols, unnatural ingredients that are still harmful to your child.

It's important to give your children vitamins as they're growing to make up for any nutrients they're not getting from foods. Ensure that your kids are getting the most benefit from their vitamins by buying natural chewable vitamins over the gummy versions. 

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