• 100% THC-free. All-Natural Product
  • Can be Mixed in Tea, Coffee or Cereal
  • Use Daily for Added CBD Health Benefits
  • Supports an Overall Healthy Lifestyle
  • Relieves Anxiety, Tension & Stress

Product Details

Product Description

Experience the therapeutic benefits of CBD with the naturally-sweet 100% pure Sonoran Desert Honey infused with 10 mg of THC-free, CBD-rich hemp extract!

This product is a perfect fit for fitness-freaks looking for satisfying their sweet tooth while not compromising on their overall diet balance. Incorporating the purest, pests-free honey, Mighty Beez is creating a buzz with its heavenly benefits, ranging from the delicious taste, energy-boosting effects to its soothing capabilities, and treating numerous health conditions such as arthritis, digestion, anxiety, pain, etc. Undoubtedly, it is the healthiest way to satisfy your cravings for sweet, with a warming sensation and all-energizing power.

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